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Frequently Asked Questions

  • How is Paradise Mountain Ministries supported?
    Paradise Mountain Ministries (PMM) is a faith based ministry, supported by financial gifts from churches and individuals primarily in the USA, but some even from around the world. Tax receipts are issued for all financial gifts to PMM. On Line donations as well as checks/cash are gladly received.
  • Do TCKs pay to live at PMM?
    The residents of PMM are not asked to pay anything for staying at PMM. It is our desire to enable them to get established financially while living at PMM: to be able to pay their college tuition or save enough money to be able to become independent - buy a car, have money for the deposit on an apartment, etc. Rather than pay to live at PMM, the residents are required to work the equivalent of one hour per day that they live at PMM.
  • What is the criteria for a TCK to live at PMM?
    In order to live at PMM, the TCK must be a child of evangelical workers who are ministering in a country that is not their passport country. They have to be of college age. (Typically residents are 18 - 24 yrs old.) While most TCKs return to the USA to attend college, not all TCKs are created with an ability or desire to attend college. To live at PMM, TCKs must be in college full time, working part time/attending college part time, or have a full time job.
  • How long can a TCK live at PMM?
    Typically TCKs live at PMM 3 to 4 years - during the time that they are attending college. Some live at PMM just long enough to get their "feet on the ground" and feel secure about living independently in the USA.
  • Does a TCK have to be a full time/year round resident?
    Most of the TCKs do live year round at PMM. However, a TCK can come to live at PMM (provided there is a bed available) during holidays and breaks from college, i.e. Summer or Winter Break when the dorms of their college/university are closed. Some TCKs who do not have a place to spend Christmas will come to stay at PMM. It is not uncommon to have siblings spend that time together at PMM although they are in different colleges during the school year.
  • What is the process for applying to live at PMM?
    If a TCK wants to live at PMM, they simply need to request an application via email - fill it out and return it for consideration.
  • When can a TCK begin residing at PMM?
    There is no set time for intake of residents. Because the majority of TCKs living at PMM are attending college, typically, TCKs join the PMM family at the beginning of semesters (August/January) or during the summer. As long as there is a bed available, a new resident can join the PMM family when they are ready or need to do so.
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