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Third House Construction

When the land was purchased for Paradise Mountain Ministries, Carolyn Eckman only wanted a few acres surrounding the old farm house. She was told she had to buy all 25 acres or could not have any of it. Four years after the first house was fully occupied, a second home was built to accommodate the growing population of TCKs. Now, thirty years later, more of the land is being used. In obedience to God’s leading, another house is being built. True to how we operate, this house will be built as funding is available. Again, a story is being written full of surprises orchestrated by our Heavenly Father. Our hope is to reduce the cost of the build by having skilled work teams become a part of the story. Already a couple groups have made a significant impact on this endeavor. Welcome to the page where the progress will be documented.

How Can I Help Prepare The Third House?

There are many ways you can help prepare the third house for more MKs and TCKs! Please be in prayer for the construction to go smoothly. Additionally, if you would like to organize a work crew to help with construction for a day or two (or more!) please contact us at the bottom of the page. True to how we operate, this house will be built as funding is available. To support construction financially, please click here for more information.

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