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Paradise Mountain Ministries is a non profit, faith based, residential ministry providing a home away from home for college age children (TCKs) of evangelicals working outside their passport country. The primary focus of the ministry is to aid in the transition of college age young adults who have grown up in a different country and find themselves learning how to successfully live as adults in the United States of America.

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We're a family of many nations & cultures!

At Paradise Mountain Ministries, we foster a family environment to make all feel at home no matter where their biological family may be.

Hear From Some Of The Residents

I am so thankful for Paradise Mountain Ministries because it has been much more than just a place to live in, it is my home.  I’m thankful that God has provided me as well as other MK's a home that we go to even out of school.  I’m thankful for all students and house parents that have shown me love up here. I praise God for all His provisions and for allowing this ministry to continue.

Eric - Gabon

I am so thankful for Paradise Mountain Ministries!  Without the huge blessing of this place I would not be able to attend school.  The family atmosphere is great.  The love shown to us from the house parents makes us feel like we are not as far from home. I am eternally grateful for this amazing place and the amazing people the Lord has placed here.  God bless Paradise Mountain Ministries!

Sam - Taiwan

God’s expression of His love for all us MK's through His material provision for the needs of Paradise Mountain Ministries, and all the answered prayer has been a very special confirmation of His goodness.  Although He has always taken care of my family, the fact that He has provided for my own individual needs since coming to college has made my faith/belief more personal and central to my life.

Steph - Papua

How Can You Help Paradise Mountain Ministries?

Support for PMM comes solely from individuals directed by God to give financially to meet the operating expenses. Tax deductible receipts are issued for financial contributions

Many hands make light work. We welcome help at PMM! If you have skills to offer, wisdom to share, or a willingness to be used to accomplish a task, we would love to find an opportunity for you at PMM!

Want To Pray?

Prayer is a primary function in the ministry of PMM. Without it, we would not be able to accomplish the purposes for which we have been established. We are very thankful for those who pray from PMM!

Each staff member has been called by the Father to invest in the lives of those whom He has chosen to be members of the PMM family. To meet our resident manager couples and the rest of our staff, click the button below.

A Sneak Peek Into The Joys of Life In Paradise

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The current residents of Paradise Mountain Ministries represent sixteen different countries and four continents. Most of our residents have spent the majority of their lives overseas, so the United States does not feel like home to them. They often deal with the same cultural issues that international people face when coming to the United States of America. Paradise Mountain Ministries strives to bridge that gap.

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